Simple Custom Laser Cut Sheet Metal Fabricated For Our Customers

Simple Custom Laser Cut Sheet Metal Fabrication for Our Customers

Simple Custom Laser Cut Sheet Metal Fabricated

Steel Friend specializes in providing straightforward and convenient solutions for customers in need of custom laser-cut sheet metal parts. Our process is designed to be simple, comprising just four easy steps for customers to specify their requirements and obtain precisely what they need for their projects.


Aluminum Hat-Channel Customization

Even crafting a bespoke hat-channel from aluminum sheet metal presents no significant challenge for us. Our expertise allows us to accommodate various requests and specifications, ensuring that each customer receives a tailored solution that meets their exact needs.


Configuring Your Hat-Channel

Detailed instructions are available for customers who wish to configure their hat-channel according to their specific requirements. By following these guidelines, customers can easily customize the dimensions and other features of their hat-channel to suit their project perfectly.


Application Example: Aluminum Diamond Plate Ramp

An illustrative example of our capabilities is showcased through a recent project involving an aluminum diamond plate ramp. The customer required a small ramp to facilitate the movement of a cart over a problematic area where the wheels frequently became stuck. Our solution involved bending the aluminum diamond plate at a precise angle to address the customer's issue effectively.


Customization Options for Brackets, Corner Guards, and Angles

When it comes to brackets, corner guards, or angles, customers have the flexibility to specify their desired degree of bend radius during the configuration process. This customization feature ensures that each metal component is tailored to the customer's exact specifications, enhancing the overall functionality and fit for their project.


Exploring Our Custom Fabrication Gallery

While visiting our website, customers are encouraged to browse through our gallery to view a selection of projects that we have custom fabricated for previous clients. This provides valuable insight into the diverse range of applications and solutions that we offer, showcasing our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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