Aluminium 1050

Aluminium 1050

Steel Friend Aluminium Alloy 1050, a widely utilized grade of aluminium, is favored for its moderate strength, exceptional corrosion resistance, high ductility, and reflective surface finish. This comprehensive data sheet delves into various aspects of Alloy 1050, ranging from its applications to chemical compositions and mechanical properties.


Aluminium Alloy 1050 finds extensive application in general sheet metal work where moderate strength is a requisite. Renowned for its corrosion resistance, ductility, and reflective finish, Alloy 1050 caters to diverse industries and applications.


Aluminium Alloy 1050 serves various purposes across industries, including but not limited to:

  • Chemical process plant equipment
  • Pyrotechnic powder
  • Lamp reflectors
  • Food industry containers
  • Cable sheathing
  • Architectural flashings

Supplied Forms

Steel Friend Aluminium Alloy 1050 is available in multiple forms, including:

  • Shate
  • Plain sheet
  • Plain sheet with PVC coating on one side
  • Stucco sheet
  • Stucco sheet with PVC coating on one side

Alloy Designations

Aluminium Alloy 1050 corresponds to various designations, including:

  • AA1050A
  • S1B
  • A91050

Temper Types

The most common tempers for Alloy 1050 are:

  • H14: Work hardened by rolling to half hard, not annealed after rolling


Alloy 1050 exhibits excellent properties for fabrication, including:

  • Solderability: Excellent
  • Weldability - Gas: Excellent
  • Weldability - Arc: Excellent
  • Weldability - Resistance: Excellent
  • Brazability: Excellent
  • Workability - Cold: Excellent
  • Machinability: Poor


For welding Alloy 1050 to itself or alloys within the same sub-group, the recommended filler wire is 1100. When welding to alloys such as 5083, 5086, or those from the 7XXX series, the recommended wire is 5356. For other alloys, 4043 filler wire is suitable.

Chemical Compositions

The chemical composition of Steel Friend Aluminium Alloy 1050 is detailed below:

Element% Present
Manganese (Mn)0.0 - 0.05
Iron (Fe)0.0 - 0.40
Copper (Cu)0.0 - 0.05
Magnesium (Mg)0.0 - 0.05
Silicon (Si)0.0 - 0.25
Zinc (Zn)0.0 - 0.07
Titanium (Ti)0.0 - 0.05
Aluminium (Al)Balance

Mechanical Properties

Mechanical properties at room temperature for Steel Friend Aluminium Alloy 1050 are as follows:

Proof Strength85 MPa
Tensile Strength100 MPa
Shear Strength60 MPa
Hardness Vickers30 HV

Reference Data for Some Physical Properties

For guidance, reference data for some physical properties of Alloy 1050 are provided below:

Density2.71 Kg/m3
Melting Point650°C
Thermal Expansion24 x 10-6 /K
Modulus of Elasticity71 GPa
Thermal Conductivity222W/m.K
Electrical Resistivity0.0282 x 10-6 Ω .m


Steel Friend Aluminium Alloy 1050, with its versatile properties and wide-ranging applications, stands as a crucial material in various industries requiring moderate strength and excellent corrosion resistance.

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