A Guide to Aluminum Use in the Aerospace Industry

Aluminum Use in the Aerospace Industry

Last autumn, we delved deep into the pivotal role that aluminum plays within the aerospace industry, uncovering its myriad advantages and how its unique properties propel aircraft applications to new heights. Aluminum's versatility not only enables manufacturing companies to meet rigorous aerospace standards but also does so at a fraction of the cost.

Aluminum vs. Steel: A Comparative Analysis

In the realm of aerospace materials, steel stands as a formidable contender alongside aluminum. However, upon closer inspection, the advantages of aluminum become abundantly clear.

While steel is revered for its unmatched strength, aluminum brings a host of benefits to the table that simply cannot be replicated with steel. From its lightweight nature to stellar corrosion resistance and commendable strength, aluminum emerges as a frontrunner in aircraft manufacturing.

Tailored Aluminum Alloys for Aerospace

Enter a realm where innovation meets precision: aluminum alloys meticulously engineered to meet the exacting demands of the aerospace industry.

Let's unravel the distinctive properties and applications of these specially crafted aluminum alloys:

Aluminum AlloyCompositionApplications
Aluminum Alloy 2014Renowned for its exceptional strength and machinability, Alloy 2014 ranks among the top heat-treatable products. Though easy to weld, its corrosion resistance is somewhat limited. Ideal for forging aircraft components like landing gears and hydraulic cylinders.Aircraft components, landing gears, hydraulic cylinders
Aluminum Alloy 2219Offering maximum toughness at elevated temperatures, Alloy 2219 is a go-to choice for structural aerospace components. Widely used in the production of the original space shuttle's external tank, it boasts excellent mechanical properties and weldability. Requires post-weld heat treatment for optimal corrosion resistance.Structural aerospace components, space shuttle tanks
Aluminum Alloy 7475Engineered for high-performance aerospace applications, Alloy 7475 shines with unparalleled fracture toughness and crack fatigue resistance. Highly formable and machinable, it finds its niche in wing spars, skins, and fuselage bulkheads.Wing spars, wing skins, fuselage bulkheads
Aluminum Alloy 7178With magnesium and copper as primary alloying elements, Alloy 7178 offers exceptional strength and toughness. Particularly suited for aircraft skins, it undergoes precipitation hardening for improved mechanical properties. Precipitation heat treatment is key to achieving optimal temper conditions.Aircraft skins, components under compressive stress

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